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Faculty Development: Question 12

Question 12

12. I would recommend this attending as a mentor for residents.   2022 Ave. Score 4.75 (N=1039) 2021 Ave. Score  4.73 (N=1085); 2020 Ave. Score 4.62 (N=1,124); 2022 %  Strongly Agree:  81%

Quick Use

  1. IHI Video: How Do You Find the Right Mentor: 6 minutes video on key aspects of effective mentoring.

  2. Coaching and Mentoring in Medicine. 2012 . 2 page read.  Very practical components for mentor and mentee.

       3.   Piece of My Mind email 4/17/2018 Mentoring Millennials. 5 minute read

       4.   Piece of My Mind email 3/28/2018 Mentoring in the Era of #MeToo 5 minute read.


Deep Dive

       1.   UWSMPH Developing Educators Mentoring, Coaching & Advising topic page

       2.   Tools to Support Resiliency and Wellbeing in Residency and Career. This video  from the 2021 MCHS Resident Retreat presents a             perspective and 6 tools for how to engage residency and career effectively. These are Begin With Then End in Mind, VIVID, Repairs, The 3 Cs for your Professional Manner, The 3 Cs for your Practice. 3 Good Things, and Have I Handled This Before? As mentors we  can engage,                  teach and support the use of these tools by our mentees to help them set up a strong foundation for their careers.