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Faculty Development: Email 2 Mentoring

Resource Email 2 Mentoring

Good day,

This is a 2 minute Faculty Development email for your review. The email is a 2 minute read and the attachment is a 5 minute read.   Please save this to your Faculty Development email folder for future use.

For faculty: This topic is on career mentoring for residents. In a recent survey, about 50% of our residents reported having a formal mentor and over 80% reported receiving informal mentoring. Our data suggest that most of us as faculty engage in some type of mentoring with residents. A frequent topic residents request faculty advice on is career options. Last week the Journal of Graduate Medical Education published a 2 page very practical guide on exactly this topic, titled,  A Simple Pyramid Model for Career Guidance. You can take this article and immediately use its examples in your formal and informal mentoring.


For residents: This article provides a model for what to consider in career planning and specific questions to support the consideration. I encourage you to read it, consider the questions and then discuss this with a mentor, whether your formal mentor or an informal mentor. Doing so engages a process nicely described by John Bowlby, a British psychiatrist and psychologist, that (slightly paraphrased), the more a person shares what they are thinking with someone they trust, the more they can understand it for themselves.        

For a deeper dive into the mentor topic: Here is the link to the RWBC topic page on mentors.

If you have any resources you use related to this topic, please share them with all of us.




Michael J. Schulein, Ph.D.

Faculty Development Lead

MCHS Division of Education

Clinical Adjunct Assistant Professor –

University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health