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Faculty Development: Faculty Evaluations

How To Use the Common Questions

The resident evaluations of faculty include 14 questions, called the Common Questions (CQs). The CQs address 4 elements of faculty performance that are foundational to effective postgraduate medical education: Goal Setting; Learning Environment; Feedback; and, Professionalism. Each year you will receive a summary of all resident evaluations of you on these 14 items. Program directors will receive individual faculty summaries as well as a summary for all the faculty in their program. The Division of Education will receive  those summaries as well as a summary for all faculty across all programs.

High marks on the CQs identify strengths for us as faculty, programs and DOE. Low marks provide guidance on how to use the resources for those specific items to support your development.

For your 2021 report, what were your strengths?

For your 2021 report, what were your areas you could improve? Those items become faculty development opportunities for which the resources in this section of the Faculty Development website are set up question by question and in a Quick Use and Deep Dive format.

Here is an example of how the CQ data was used to guide faculty development in the Internal Medicine Residency Program at MCHS. The 8 minute video by the lead resident researcher describes how the 3 lowest scores on the CQ for the Internal Medicine faculty in one year guided the faculty development activities for the next year and then the CQ data was assessed for impact of the activities. 

Background to the Common Questions

A  set of common questions were developed for use in all resident evaluations of faculty. The goal was to create a way to analyze faculty performance based on resident input for the individual faculty member, for the residency program as a whole and for the Division of Education. This data would help guide individual, program and DOE level faculty development activities. Link here to item development information.

Common Questions Resource Guide

Here are the 14 Common Questions. Resources (along with the 2019 results based on 649 evaluations) are linked to each individual item. The resources are set up as Quick Use and Deep Dive. Quick Use resources are short videos (3-12 minutes) or quick reads (3-10 minutes). Deep Dive resources are links to longer videos and articles as well as to external websites with resources related to the specific question:


Goal  Setting

1. My attending effectively reviewed the goals and objectives with me at the beginning of the rotation/service/clinics and at appropriate intervals.                                                                                                                                      Resource Guide                                   


Learning Environment

2. My attending encouraged me to learn and to ask questions.                                                   Resource Guide                                       

3. My attending was enthusiastic and invested in residency education and life-long learning.    Resource Guide                

4. My attending made it safe for me to bring up concerns without fear of reprisal.                      Resource Guide       

5. My attending was approachable and accessible to address patient care questions.               Resource Guide    

6. My attending showed respect to patients, other residents, colleagues and staff.                    Resource Guide  

7. My attending encouraged me to put the needs of patients first by being caring and sensitive to their specific needs.

                                                                                                                                                     Resource Guide                                    


8. My attending provided constructive feedback concerning my performance at appropriate intervals throughout the rotation/service/clinic.                                                                                                                    Resource Guide                                                   

9. My attending provided useful summative feedback at the end of my rotation/service/clinic.    Resource Guide            



10. My attending modeled behavior worthy of emulation.                                         Resource Guide                                            

11. I would recommend to other residents that they work with this attending.          Resource Guide            

12. I would recommend this attending as a mentor for residents.                             Resource Guide                              

13. My attending is someone I would value having as a colleague in my career.     Resource Guide           

14. My attending is someone I would have family members/friends see.                 Resource Guide  

Links to Policies and Accreditation

Each of the questions is cross-referenced to specific items in each of the following:

  • ACGME General Competencies

  • ACGME Common Program Requirements

  • ACGME CLER Pathways

  • ACGME Resident Survey

  • MCHS Mission, Vision, Values

  • MCHS DOE Supervision of Residents Policy-Supervisor Roles and Responsibilities


    The cross reference document is at this link.

Questions or Suggestions for Faculty Development or the Website?

Mark Ridder, M.D.                   Division of Education Faculty Development Lead