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Faculty Development: Question 1

Question 1

1. My attending effectively reviewed the goals and objectives with me at the beginning of the rotation/service/clinic and at appropriate    intervals.         2022 Ave Score 4.61 (N=1039) 2021 Ave. Score 4.55 (N=1085);  2020 Ave. Score 4.45 (N=1,124)   % of 2022 responses Strongly Agree: 68%

            Quick Use

  1. Setting Rotation Goals and Objectives at MCHS. 4 minute MCHS video with specific guidance and demonstration

  2. Setting goals for outpatient/office service. 3 minute video demonstration

  3. Setting Expectations 6 minute video  A very practical guide to setting and communicating goals and objectives. From the MedEd Moments series at UAB.

  4. Setting Expectations in Feedback . 7 minute video demonstration of teamwork when residents know their goals and roles. From the MedEd Moments series at UAB.