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Faculty Development: Transcript Bank

Rationale for having a Transcriipt Bank

A transcript bank is a space in which a faculty member  records all their faculty development and continuing education activities. As  health care professions increasingly engage competencies for all aspects of training, practice and teaching, they also require demonstration of the activities being done to build and maintain those competencies. In addition, regulatory bodies increasingly require evidence of those activities. This is an example of System-Based Practice.  

A transcript bank makes it easier, and faster, for faculty to provide that information. As a result we recommend that you submit all your educational activities to your bank and that you teach your residents to do the same as that will become increasingly important for them as they move into their careers.

How to Add to your Transcript Bank

We recommend the MCHS Learning Connection Transcript Bank for recording all your continuing education and professinal development activities. The training you do at MCHS sponsored  programs automatically is recorded in the bank, so you only need to enter those done outside the system.

To Add Activities to your Bank

Route a copy of the certifcate of completion or credits awarded (paper copy via routing or digital copy as email attachment) to Tanya Esser. Routing location is GR. That's it! She will add that to your transcript bank.


To View your Bank:

1. On your desktop, click on the Learning Connection icon. (open book with Learning Connection under it)

2. Hover over:   My Training   in the top vertical menu bar. Drop down choices will appear.

3. Click on:       My Transcript

4. Click on:       Active.  Drop down choices will appear.

5. Click on:       Completed.  You will see your completed events and each entry will have a pdf of the certificate which you can open, save or print as you need.


Questions or Suggestions for Faculty Development or the Website?

Mark Ridder, M.D.                   Division of Education Faculty Development Lead