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Faculty Development: Email 5 1 Minute Preceptor

Resource Email 5 May 29 UWSMPH Grand Rounds 1 Minute Preceptor Follow-up

Good morning,

Please save this email to your Faculty Development folder for future use. It’s a 5 minute read.

Thank you for joining us for the MCHS/UWSMPH Faculty Development Grand Rounds last Wednesday.

A goal with the presentation was to demonstrate tools UWSMPH has developed which are Simple, Efficient and Effective (SEE). The topic for the presentation was one you picked last February in an email survey, teaching on a busy clinical service.  The SEE tool demonstrated was the One  Minute Preceptor

We made a 3-minute video (thanks to Drs. Wright and Hanneman) to demonstrate the 5 elements of:  Get A Commitment; Probe for supporting evidence; Teach general rules; Reinforce what was right; and, Correction. The difference between the Fail version and the Success version of the scenario was only 105 seconds, yet the impact was significant in terms of resident education, learning environment, patient safety and resident evaluation of the attending. Here’s the video


One of our presentation objectives was for faculty to pick 1-2 elements of the tool and email to their residents’ program director the ones you will try out or use more often.  Please pick 1-2 of the 5 elements of quick teaching and email the program directors which elements you’re working with.

For a deeper dive into last week’s presentation:

-here is the link to the UWSMPH Office of Faculty Affairs and Development (OFAD) Developing Educators website with it’s tools 

-here is the link to the UWSMPH Interprofessional Continuing Education Partnership (ICEP)  website

-and in particular for the ICEP website,  here is the Virtual Journal Club


Please offer us suggestions for topics and resources you find for faculty development

Thank you for all you do for our residents, students and all learners on campus.


For Residents and Students: This information is very relevant to you as you are the future teachers and supervisors in health care. Please consider this tool and these resources. It’s likely you will have opportunity to try them out with junior learners now and with new residents very soon. Also when you see your seniors or attendings using 1 or more of the 5 parts of the tool, THANK THEM!

Please offer us suggestions for topics to address and resources to share.

Thank you for all you do for our residents and all learners on campus.



Michael J. Schulein, Ph.D.

Faculty Development Lead

MCHS Division of Education

Clinical Adjunct Assistant Professor –

University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health