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Faculty Development: MCHS History

Faculty Development and the MCHS History

The goals of MCHS faculty development connect to why our founders, over 100 years ago, chose to move from their solo private practices into a group practice. A very rare thing at the time.  Our medical librarian, Mr. Brian Finnegan explained this in his Medical Education Day presentation in 2018 here's the 9 minute video.

Another view on the MCHS history is  this video, a 7 minute production, which celebrated our 100th anniversary. As you watch, notice how our founders focused on their on-going development as essential to their practices.

And for perspective, here is a MCHS  video, a 5 minute  production from 2009, that specifically addressed the core role of education and development in the founding and growth of MCHS. As you view this video you will spot changes in the last ten years in our staff, technology and systems, all elements of our continued development.

Questions or Suggestions for Faculty Development or the Website?

Mark Ridder, M.D.                   Division of Education Faculty Development Lead