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Faculty Development: Question 10

Question 10

10. My attending modeled behavior worthy of emulation.               2022 Ave. Score 4.78 (N=1039) 2021 Ave. Score 4.77 (N=1085);  2020 Ave. Score 4.66 (N= 1,124); 2022 % Strongly Agree: 81%

Quick Use

  1. Being THAT MCHS doctor. 7 minute video of MCHS doctors excelling at this. Med Ed Day 2018

  2. Simulation-Based Remediation for Unprofessional Behavior JGME 2018. 4 page article describes simulation to address

    remediation. Specific ideas that can be adopted in remediation plans.

      3.   Preserving your humanity in medicine. 5 minute read. Piece of My Mind email 5/8/2018 “Rounds” 

      4.  Professional Identity Development. 5 minute read. Piece of My Mind 12/19/2018  Walking the Shoreline. Erosion,

           Regrowth, and Professional Formation

     5. Evidence Base for Impact of Faculty Modeling on Professionalism in residents. 5 minute read

    6.  Effectively sharing who you are in teaching what to do. October 2019 Journal of Graduate Medical Education article, 5 minute read.

Deep Dive

   1.  Here is a Marshfield physician model of professionalism worth emulating across multiple roles as a physician. Dr. William Hocking, oncologist and past president of MCHS, provided the keynote presentation in 2014 at the annual resident retreat on the topic of Vulnerability and Resilience. The 42 minute video poignantly demonstrates caring, meaning and sources of resilience in a career in medicine.