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Faculty Development: Question 8

Question 8


8. My attending provided constructive feedback concerning my performance at appropriate intervals throughout the rotation/service/clinic.                           2022 Ave. Score 4.64 (N=1039) 2021 Ave. Score 4.58 (N=1085); 2020 Ave. Score 4.48  (N=1,124);   % 2022 Strongly Agree:  72%

Quick Use

  1. Mid-Rotation Feedback at MCHS. 4 minute video demonstration. Developed at MCHS 2019.

  2. Practical parts to feedback. 3 minute video and links to a deeper dive on the feedback. This is in the UWSMPH Developing Educators Feedback & Evaluation topic page.

  3. Key Elements of Feedback. A 3.5 minute MCHS video with simple, efficient, effective elements to use in providing feedback.

  4. Quick teaching on a busy service. 6 minute video introduces The One Minute Preceptor and its 5 parts.

  5. One Minute Preceptor at MCHS. 3 minute MCHS video demonstrates the 5 elements of Getting a Commitment, Probe for evidence, Reinforce what was right, Teach what is needed, Correction and learning tasks. Developed at MCHS 2019.

  6. Fundamental components of feedback. 7 minute video from UWSMPH 

  7.  10 Tips for Providing and Receiving Feedback. 5 minute read. Very SMART (Specific Measurable Attainable Realistic Timebound) guide for giving and receiving feedback.