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Faculty Development: Question 3

Question 3

3. My attending was enthusiastic and invested in residency education and life-long learning.

2022 Ave Score 4.80 (N=1039) 2021 Ave. Score 4.78 (N=1085); 2020 Ave. Score 4.71 (N=1,124)   %  2022 Strongly Agree: 83%

Quick Use

  1. Tenets of Competency Teaching. 14 minute video Med Ed Day 2018. Provides context, MCHS history and core perspectives.

  2. A Teaching Case.5 minute read reflecting investment in teaching moments in patient care. Piece of My Mind 2/23/2018

      3.   Staying Up to Date and Managing Information Overload. 5 minute read. JGME 2018 article for faculty. Very practical tips on how to select and manage your sources of information to support faculty in staying up to date on evidence based practices in teaching, assessment and practice.