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Faculty Development: Question 5

Question 5

5. My attending was approachable and accessible to address patient care questions.

2022 Ave. Score 4.83 (N=1039) 2021 Ave. Score 4.82 (N=1085); 2020 Ave. Score 4.77 (N= 1,124) % 2022 Strongly Agree: 84%

Quick Use

  1. Impromptu Teaming to support residents. Case Example. Dr. Matthew Jansen Director Division of Education MCHS.

    11 minute video introduction to 2018 Resident Retreat. Addresses self-care link to patient care as well as the critical role of teaming.

  2. Approaches for Residents to Address Problematic Patient Behavior: Before, During and After the Clinical Encounter. JGME article August 2019  5 minute read. Very practical, specific guidelines for residents which faculty can model and support.