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Copyright: Citation


All works referenced, used, copied or adapted (with or without permission) must have an attribution or a citation providing credit to the author of a work and the source of the information.  Some points to remember:  

  • Attribution does not take the place of permission.
  • “Used with permission” in a citation means that the author of the material you are reading or viewing has obtained permission.  To re-use the content you will also need to obtain permission. 
  • When writing a policy, educational document, webpage summary, etc. you may reference and cite the source of the material.  If you want to re-use a table, assessment, process, image, etc. from a journal article, book, or website you will need to obtain permission. 
  • In PowerPoint presentations, figures/images may be cited on each slide as they appear or a reference list may be provided on a slide(s) at the end of the presentation.  You do not have to do both.  


Photo Credit Example

 This work is in the public domain as work prepared by an officer or employee of the United States Government.

More on Attribution/Citation

APA 7th Edition Examples

Journal Article Citation Order:  Author (s), year of publication, article title (sentence case, no italics), Journal name (in italics), volume number (in italics), issue number, page number range of the article. DOI and link (if available)

Example:  Tripathi, A., Obata, Y., Ruzankin, P., Askaryar, N., Berkowitz, D. E., Steppan, J., & Barodka, V. (2017). A pulse wave velocity based method to assess the mean arterial blood pressure limits of autoregulation in peripheral arteries. Frontiers in Physiology8, 855.

Example of Reference Retrieved From the Internet:  The Joint Commission (2011). Sound the Alarm: Managing Physiologic Monitoring Systems.  The Joint Commission Perspectives on Patient Safety, 11(12).

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