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Copyright: Copyright Requests & Permissions

Copyright Clearance Center

Marshfield Clinic Health System subscribes to a Copyright Clearance Center searchable index of titles for which we already have copyright permission.  Our Copyright Clearance Center license allows MCHS employees to copy and distribute material that is owned, subscribed to, or licensed to MCHS for internal business and education purposes.  

With the license you may:

  • E-mail online articles to fellow employees and coworkers
  • Distribute copies of published articles at internal meetings
  • Post excerpts of industry research on corporate intranet sites
  • Print and copy published articles to share with colleagues
  • Download content for use at company meetings

Click here for more information on what is covered by our CCC license.


The license also comes with RightFindAdvisor, a tool which enables you to quickly confirm license coverage for specific publications.   Start here to access RightFind Advisor and enter the publication title or standard number (ISBN/ISSN) in the search box to see if you have permission to use reference material through MCHS Copyright Clearance Center license. 

Click here For more information on using RightFind Advisor and the content approved under this license.  


Motion Picture License

Additionally, MCHS has a Motion Picture License which allows employees to use copyright-protected movies and TV shows (referred to as "videos") for internal use at employee trainings, presentations, and meetings.  This license allows employees to show videos obtained from any legal source, as long as the videos are covered under the license.  This may include DVD's purchased at retail outlets, videos downloaded from iTunes or streamed videos from sources such as  Videos do not need to be shown in their entirety.  Check here to see if the content you wish to use is covered by the Motion Picture License.  

If you have any questions regarding the use of the Copyright Clearance Center or Motion Picture Licenses, please contact the medical librarians.  

RightFind Advisor

Start here to access 
RightFind Advisor 

New Copyright Permissions Request

If your copyright request is not covered by the MCHS Copyright Clearance Center license, you may request assistance from the reference librarians in the Medical Library.   Depending on your request, this can sometimes be a lengthy process so please think about copyright permissions early in your project planning.  When you do request assistance, provide as much information as possible:

  • Name of contact person (person who is knowledgeable about the request and its intended use)
  • What you have (image, video, article, assessment, etc.)
  • Title of material
  • Author/owner/publisher
  • Where the material is found(journal citation, website link, book title)
  • How you would like to use the material.  Describe in full detail.  Indicate if this is for print, electronic, or both.  Will it be used internally or externally?  
  • Provide a copy of material if you can

Copyright and the Electronic Health Record

Send copyright requests for all content that will be accessed in the electronic health record  to Health Information Management.  The contact person is: 

Tammy Siroin 

Health Information Management

715-847-3527 or 73527

Contact Your Librarians

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